One to One Training Walks

Collection and return of your dog for local walks in the forest or on the beach. Walks are tailored to your dog’s individual needs and are focused on quality. I can help your dog practice and improve essential life skills such as recall, loose lead walking and self control. I use reward based training methods and activities tailored to getting the best from your dog.

One to One Dog Jogs

Collection and return of your dog for a run on harness or off lead depending on what your dog enjoys most (reliable recall is needed for off lead runs and I will spend time getting to know your dog before letting them off lead). Suitable for dogs who already enjoy running with their owners and are in good health. Runs will be thoughtfully structured to allow for warm up and cool down as well as regular breaks for sniffing, paddling and drinking.

Warning: likely to make your dog fitter so if you don’t run with your dog but are looking for ways to tire them out, ask me about enrichment walks!